An Ancient Chaos

by Promethean

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An Ancient Chaos Is about the creation of the universe through the tales of Greek Mythology!!!


released May 29, 2015

Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Cory Judd (Guitarist of A Night In Texas)

Artwork by Rain Song Design



all rights reserved


Promethean Toowoomba, Australia

6 piece Deathcore Act from Toowoomba QLD

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Track Name: Planetary Devastation

I am the face of evil, follow me through this storm.
Welcome death as impurity surround us all.
Watch as we blow this world to pieces.

Open up to the destruction, This is planetary devastation.
Open up to the destruction, This is planetary devastation.

There will inevitably be knowledge your faith in question.
There is no god that could stand idly by and behold, behold.
I will be the end of an era.
We are the end of mankind as we know.

The end.

I am the end.

Nobody will suffice me, blergh.

Now kneel before me as I am the end, bring forth the chaos.

We are all hollow , we are spineless.
Soul shattering the innocent, behold destruction.

We are going to die.
I will snap your fibres into mortal existence.
I will disintegrate what you call reality

I am the end.

Fear my arrival.
Track Name: The Dethronement Of Cronus
It was once prophesied that the blood of my own father Cronus, would spill at the throne.
Caused by one of his own sons.
Yet in denial the bastard swallowed my own immortal siblings.
Now that I'm here your ruling will cease to exist.

Upon birth I was forfeited to Gaia, The great mother of all, the creator.

Carried I too Crete and hidden in the Aegean hills.
A twisted childhood deep in confinement.
Here I will begin my growth to manhood.
Concealed by the clashes of armour between the Curates.

An immoral and wicked farther caught word of my true existence.
Filled with rage, pursue me he will.

A narrow escape in the eyes of a serpent in disguise.
Guidance I must seek from the titaness, of wisdom.
A cup bearer for Cronus I will become.
An emetic potion will taint the drink,
Causing the regurgitation of my siblings.
In arms my lost family will join me, in war.

Wage a war against the titans, our creators.
Create a decade of inflicting pain.
Slaughter will commence until we will rule Olympus and earth itself.
Yet my father still lives in denial, drowned with pride.
The oblivious bastard blinded with rage.
Words from Gaia herself.

My brothers follow me to the surface of earth.
And fight, with me.

Wage a war against the titans, our creators.
Create a decade of inflicting pain.
Slaughter will commence until we will rule Olympus and earth itself.
Olympians unite for we will create a fall of power in olympus
Track Name: Systematic Redesign
Immortals under the ruling of Cronus
Created the design of mortal man
Freely mingling and roaming with the gods in Olympus
The most intellectually designed out of all human kind

This is the golden age
The daemons of the earth
The guardians of mortals
A peaceful death they all will commit too
Spiritually they will survive

Disobedient and ignorant
A short century they shall live
Slayed by the father of gods they will be


The refusal of worship has brought the silver age down to extinction

Wielding weapons the brazen race will fall from an ash tree
the cannibalistic minds of these warriors embrace the toughest of wars

Through being insolent and pitiless men
Black death has seized them all
Through being insolent and pitiless men

Improving from the brother race
They became nobler and generous
fighting with grace, gloriously in multiple wars.

Dwelling in the elysian fields the heroic age will lay to rest
The heroic age will come to an end

The existence of the iron age, the fifth race
Live in misery a degenerate and malicious creation.
Grown to be shameless and dishonourable

The gods have forsaken humanity
for there will be no help against evil

A systematic redesign transpires
The gods create a world compiled of filth
Track Name: An Ancient Chaos
Darkness engulfs the atmosphere, springing from its existence
chaos, a gaping void will encompass the entire universe.
Derived directly from the union of darkness and chaos.
Erebus the darkness of the underworld has formed.
Nyx and Erebus have formed massive negative entities.

Moros and Thanatos
Has embodied the earth with doom and death
The terror from these two will never subside
Now we fear doom and death every single day.

Moros and Thanatos
Doom and Death

Through parthenogenesis the deiite gaia,
has conceived this earth with Uranus the sky
From Gaia herself the rest of the world will come to shape.
Amidst all the formation of the earth,
The deities will bring forth other divinities ,
The over-reaches will reign down on the earth,
The birth of the devine beings will be the end of Uranus.

Titans persuaded and instructed, by the god of all things.
Revenge will take place causing the throne to be over turned.

Blood will spill from the father of the earth.
The materialization of the armour bracing race.
The giants, the aggravated beings
The last continuing races of cronus.